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Issaquah Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The CERT program educates community members like you how to prepare and respond when a major event happens by training people in basic disaster preparedness and response skills to take care of themselves, their family, their neighborhood, and the community.

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In case of emergency tune to AM radio 1700 and monitor 444.525MHz + 127.3 or FRS Channel 2

Emergency Contacts


EOC - (425) 837-3180; If EOC switch is down, (425) 391-1042

   AM Radio - 1700

FRS Radio - Channel 2; Sub-Channel 0

HAM Radio - Issaquah and Surrounding Area

 Location  Frequency  Simplex-Duplex  Offset Tone  Comments
Fire Repeater - Cougar Mtn. 444.525 Duplex +5 127.3 Yield to MED 1 traffic and switch to CERT Ops channel
Fire Repeater - Squak Mtn. (Backup) 444.525 Duplex +5 103.5 If Fire Repeater fails, switch to this backup Fire Repeater
ICST Coordination 146.560 Simplex TnSql 71.9 Also known as ICST1 - (146.560 Simplex w/no Tone, AKA ICST1M)
CERT Operations445.975SimplexTnSql 71.9Also known as ICST3 - (445.975 Simplex w/no Tone, AKA ICST3M)
ICST Repeater (Temporary) 441.300 Duplex +5 71.9 Temporary frequency - stay tuned.
King County ARES 147.080 Duplex +0.6 103.5 Main repeater for King Country amateur radio emergency comms
SnoVARC - Cougar Mtn 441.825 Duplex +5 103.5 Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club main repeater


Post Office Box 2365
Issaquah, Washington 98029

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